My Favorite Crochet Hooks

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Hi, it’s me again Nadine of all things BuddyLuvsCrochet. Today I want to share some of my favorite crochet hooks with you. I love crochet and was introduced to the craft at the age of 8. Remember I shared a bit of how crochet entered my life? My best friend and I went to an after-school program like we did every afternoon. One day one of the counselors came to us with some yarn & crochet hooks in pretty colors and asked if we wanted to learn how to crochet. We both squealed YES in unison!! We had no clue of what was in store but we were excited. I watched her demonstrate how to make a chain and I remember being in stunned excitement that I would be able to do that! Let me tell you there was a definite learning curve but once I got it I couldn’t put it down. 

Learning how to crochet was not an easy task at all. The first skill I was taught was how to hold a crochet hook. I liken that experience to when one is learning how to write. This object felt so foreign in my hand and then learning how to hold the yarn in my other hand was a whole other story. When I finally got the concept of what each hand would be doing it was time to start chaining. Let me tell you, my chains were horrible! Some were super tight and others were so huge. I had no consistency at all but I would eagerly make my chain and ask the counselor what next and she would say. “Keep chaining”. I’d go back to the drawing board and continue chaining and just like the last time she’d look at my work and say keep chaining. That went on and on each day until I finally brought back chains that were consistent in size and then she taught me how to single crochet and my love for crochet was born.

When crocheting there are essential tools that you need. Crochet hooks!! They are the key to making the magic happen. This wonderful tool helps you turn strings into things! One of the most important things about crochet is the hook you use. There are many different types of hooks to use but here I am going to share with you some of my favorites. The hooks that I use daily are crochet hooks made by Clover. The Clover Amour Crochet hooks are aluminum and made with elastomer which creates the soft grip that’s easy on the hands, have a smooth design, and are easy to hold for long periods. They are easily found in most craft stores. No matter what project you might be working on, these hooks will do just fine. I have tried many different brands of crochet hooks but always go back to these as they fit my hands so well and comfort is a must when doing any type of crocheting!!

Clover Amour Crochet hooks are not only functional, but they are also pretty too. They come in an array of fun, bright colors (which help me locate them when I set them down) and they each have the recommended hook size in millimeters and corresponding letter in US terms engraved clearly. The set I’m sharing today ranges from 2.75mm to 6.00mm. In terms of projects here’s what I use different  hooks sizes for, I use the 2.75mm for making a small amigurumi keychains, I made an amigurumi Unicorn stuffie using the 3.25mm and my go to size for crocheting an adult-sized beanie are 5.00mm for my brims and 6.00mm for the body of the beanie. No matter the project Clover Amour hooks have got you covered so that you can crochet longer, with no aches and a comfortable grip that gives you better tension. 

Below I’ve shared a few projects that I made using my Clover Amour hooks. It was the best decision I ever made switching to them. What wips have you made with your Clover hooks or plan to make? Tag me in my socials and share your projects!


Unicorn Stuffie – Used U.S. D (3.25mm) Clover Amour Hook

Be Kind Beanie Keychain – Used E (3.50mm) Clover Amour Hook


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